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A revised version of the AODE was released in 1993 with the Lincoln Mark VIII. Compared to the AODE, it has lower 1st and 2nd gear ratios for better take-off acceleration and was designed for better gearset strength. On vehicles powered by a 5.4 L V8, a stronger gearset is used than in normal duty 4R70Ws. In 1998, due to durability concerns, the intermediate one-way roller clutch was replaced with a mechanical diode providing extra holding capacity and longer service.

While there is speculation that the 70 can be multiplied by 10 to indicate the ft-lbs of torque this transmission is capable of handling including torque converter multiplication, (i.e. 700 ft-lbs of torque), there is no reliable source indicating this. In fact a Ford document stated that the 2003 "Expedition's 4R70W transmission is rated to handle up to 506 foot-pounds of torque, which provides a large performance cushion beyond the peak torque rating of Expedition's largest available engineIt is more plausible that the number indicates the torque handling capability in N-m, as 506 ft-lbs converts to 686 N-m which could be rounded to 700 N-m. The "70" may also refer to the transmission's torque capacity after torque converter multiplication which occurs at low rpm's when the torque converter is more "elastic". 4R70W stands for 4 gears, Rearwheeldrive, 70 is a measurement of torque and Wide gear ratio compared to the AODE.

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