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A518 Installation Instructions

A500 /A618/ A518

Dodge Transmission Instructions



Transmission cooler and cooler lines must be COMPLETELY flushed prior to installation! Failure to do this can damage transmission and VOID warranty!


Use *Kooler Kleen* - available at most auto part stores !


All 500/518 transmissions have a valve in cooler line at the front of the line close to the radiator. This valve should be removed and drilled out for fluid flow through the cooler. This valve will stick or be stuck at this time and cause transmission failure if not cleared properly. This could have caused your original problem. After clearing valve you can re-install in line or totally not install, simply re-attached the line on the back cooler fitting to the radiator.

Fluid Instructions:

Before starting vehicle, (leave in neutral while filling) SLOWLY - add 8 quarts of fluid to transmission and let stand for a few minutes allowing fluid to drain into transmission.  Add 2 to 3 quarts more, than start engine and run through all gears with foot on the brake. Fill to level on stick.


**NOTE** Check / research for total amount of fluid your transmission requires to be FULL. Some transmissions drain down slower than others, so be sure your transmission if full before driving vehicle. If it is not full, damage will occur. **Add another quart or two after road test** MAKE SURE TRANSMISSION IS FULL!      

The A500/A518 transmissions will sometimes vent fluid from pump area. DO NOT GET ALARMED. Your front seal is not leaking. They require approximately 14qrts … Fluid drains very very slowly.  Fluid must drain into overdrive section as well as converter. TAKE YOUR TIME !!

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