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Core Return Policy



Core Charge Acknowledgement 

I __________________________________ have purchased a Transmission/Torque Converter from Transmission Depot that requires a core return. Return shipping charges are paid by Transmission Depot. Call 727-868-9462 to schedule pick up.

I __________________________________ understand that I must return core within 30 days. If arrangements have not been made after 30 days, I understand there is a ONE TIME fee of up to $500.00. I authorize Transmission Depot to bill me these charges. I agree to pay said charges in full immediately. If payment is not received within 30 days of notice, I understand I will be responsible for any and all collection fees. 

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Remanufactured Automatic Transmission Core Charges

If purchasing a remanufactured automatic transmission, the service shop, car dealership, or other supplier will require that your car or truck’s old transmission be returned back to them in renewable condition. In most cases, the supplier will collect a refundable core deposit, also known as a core charge, as collateral until your old unit is returned back to them. Most companies collect between $500 and $1500 for a core charge. If the transmission repair shop is rebuilding your transmission, similar charges may apply for select components, known as transmission hard parts. Core charges are an essential part of keeping cost down for the supplier as well as the consumer. 

Broken Case Housing
It is important to note that if your transmission’s case housing or other specified parts are broken, you probably will not get your core charge back. This charge covers the cost of acquiring replacement housings and components. When discussing a remanufactured transmission as an option, you should ask for written information concerning the supplier’s core charge policy. While the return of an intact transmission case housing will be required for the return of most core deposits, you should avoid any rebuilding company that requires the internal components to also be damage-free. These companies generally charge higher core deposits and they rarely return the full deposit, if any at all. 

*Most companies charge a $500+++ core charge upfront. 

*You are responsible for shipping the unit back.

*Out of pocket expense can exceed $750.00++ and after a month or so, after you return core, you may receive $300 for your core. 

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