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4R100 Gas Stock Transmission 2WD or 4X4

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Your Price: $1,795.00
4R100 Gas Stock Transmission 2WD or 4X4
Part Number: TR4R100STK

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4R100 Transmission 4x4
 Fits Ford Trucks 1998 - 2004
F150 - F250 - F350
 5.4/7.5/4.9/6.8  GAS Motors

No external sensors included


Free Converter      

Precision Gasket & Seal Kit                     

Complete Hi Energy Clutch Set   

Updated Center Support                    

New Bands - Hi Energy

All Factory Updates

Remanufactured Pump Assembly ,Teflon Bushing

Remanufactured Valve Body /Recalibrated with Stage 1 Tow and Go Shift Kit

New Electronic Solenoid Block                   

Heavy Duty Sprag

New Filter

All industry updates (1870 code)              

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