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4T65E-HD Automatic Transmission Stock

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4T65E-HD Automatic Transmission Stock
Part Number: TR4T65EHD

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4T65E-HD Automatic Transmission 

The 4T65E-HD (code MN7) is a heavy duty version of the 4T65-E used with more powerful engines such as the LS4 V8 and L67/L32 supercharged V6. 

Fully re-manufactured valve body

Updated TCC Control Valve, TCC Regulator Apply Valve, Torque Signal Regulator Valve, and Reverse Boost Valve
Completely re-manufactured pump

Pump driveshaft seal updated 

New EPC solenoid 

Updated Actuator Feed Limit Valve 

Re-manufactured torque converter 

All bushings OEM and machined surfaces polished

4T65E Transmission Applications:

    2.93:1 MN7

        Oldsmobile 88 LSS L67
        Pontiac Bonneville SSEi L67
        Chevrolet Impala L67
        Chevrolet Monte Carlo L67
        Pontiac Grand Prix GTP/GXP
        Buick Regal GS
        Buick Riviera L67 (97-99)
        Buick Park Avenue Ultra

    3.06:1 MN7

        Chevrolet Impala SS
        Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS (2006-2007)

    3.29:1 MN7

        Buick LaCrosse Super
        Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G

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