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700R4 Transmission
700R4 Transmission

700R4 Stage 3 Constant Pressure Valve Body Conversion Package (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60)

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700R4 Stage 3 Constant Pressure Valve Body Conversion Package
Part Number: TR700ST3CPVBCP

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700R4 Stage 3 w/ Constant Pressure Valve Body
Conversion Package
 Free 2600 Stall Converter Included 
Remanufactured Heavy Duty Pump Assembly
 Heavy Duty HIGH ENERGY Z Pack Clutch Set
 Heavy Duty Wide Band
 New Sun Shell "Heavy Duty" THE BEAST
 10 Vane Pump Rotor Kit
 Hardened Pump Rings
 29 Element Sprag (Heavy Duty) with Double Cage
 Complete New Bushing Kit
 Corvette Competition Servo
 Master rebuild kit
 Heavy Duty 5 Pinion Planetary
 High Volume Filter
 Constant Pressure Valve Body with Complete High Performance Shift Kit
 500 Boost Valve
 No Co
Chrome Transmission Pan
Up to 700 HP

This package includes the necessary accessories for converting your old 3spd transmission to an overdrive transmission.

Edelbrock or Holley Linkage
TV Cable
Dust Cover
Dipstick & Tube
Throttle Bracket
Torque Converter Bolts
Lock Up Wiring Kit
Hayden Cooler
2 Can Cooler Flush
This transmission includes a constant pressure valve body.  Eliminate improper line pressure adjustment by improper detent T.V. cable adjustment.  Many people, whether novice or experienced, improperly adjust the TV cable or totally leave it disconnected which results in premature clutch failure and even band burnout which results in total transmission failure.    Purchasing this transmission with a constant pressure valve body with a complete Stage 4 performance shift kit avoids premature transmission failure by maintaining proper line pressure at all times.  NOTICE:  The TV cable will still need to be connected for transmission shift points to be maintained, but will eliminate a lot of doubts about proper line pressure.

Gear ratios of the 700R4 are: 3.06, 1.62, 1.00, 0.70, 2.29

We custom build each and every one of our transmissions for our customer's application using high quality components.  Our transmissions are all extensively modified to be highly competitive and very durable.  We strive to exceed your expectations with competitive, high quality remanufactured transmissions. Each transmission passes a series of rigorous tests before it ships to you.

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