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700R4 Superior Kit (shift kit)

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700R4 Superior Kit (shift kit)
Part Number: TDS74165
700R4 Superior Kit (shift kit)

This valve body kit deals with these problems: * Inadequate pressure rise * Burned clutches and bands * Erratic shift points * Soft or bump up shifts * Bump on coast down shifts * Raises lock up speed * 2nd and 3rd flare up * Part throttle searching between 4th and 3rd

1. The Superior 700-R4 kit contains an anti-stick throttle valve spring.

 2. This package deals with the weak 3-4 clutch problems in a very effective manner. 

3. The feed to the clutch is made more direct. 

 4. Throttle valve travel is changed to stop slipping on very light acceleration.   

5. Timing is corrected on the 3-2 downshift.  

6. Overall apply pressure and oil flow is increased. A high performance version (K700-R4-HP) is offered for street rods, racing and extreme heavy duty.  

7. This valve body kit comes supplied with the Corvette servo, the big .471 TV boost valve and throttle valve sleeve for full throttle 3-4 up-shifts plus valve body modifications that keep apply pressures up to needed capacity.

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