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700R4 Trans Go Kit (shift kit)

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Your Price: $80.95
700R4 Trans Go Kit (shift kit)
Part Number: T74165
700R4 Trans Go Kit (shift kit)
GM TH700R-4 82-Up Shift Kit® - Valve Body - Servo Accumulator & Governor Parts - SK 700-R4 Shift kit has Tech data & parts to reduce complaints and increase trans life before and during major service. Often makes shifts crisper, but not rough. For firmer shifts and enhanced gear control use Reprogramming Kit .

Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: Absolutely prevents

    Stuck TV valve.
    Late shifts
    downshift clunk
    3-4 clutch failure
    no lockup
    2-4 band failure
    early shifts
    1-2 slide/slide-bump
    reverse delay hot
    2-3 cut loose
    reverse clutch failure

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