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A518 46RE transmission Jeep stage 1
A518 46RE transmission Jeep stage 1

A518 46RE Dodge Transmission Stage 1 (96'-03')

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On sale $1,795.00 $1,695.00
A518/46RE Dodge Stage 1 Transmission (96'-03')
Part Number: TR518ST46-2

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A518/46RE  Dodge Stage 1 Transmission (96'-03')

 No Core Charge
2 years/Unlimited mileage warranty

Complete Master Rebuild Kit
High Energy Clutches
New Solenoid
All New Bushings
New Filter
New Pressure Sensor
Transgo Shift Improver Kit
Free Torque Converter

    Dodge Ram pickup and vans 150/250/350 V8 and diesel engines (DGT)
    Dodge Ramcharger SUV 1988-1993 5.2L & 5.9L V8
    Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 5.9L
    Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993-1995 5.2 V8
    1996 Dodge Dakota V8 (Also 98-03 Dakota 5.9L R/T)
    1998-2003 Dodge Durango 5.9L V8 (4WD or 2WD)
    1998–2003 Dodge Dakota R/T
    1994-1995 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 V8
    1995 Dodge Dakota 5.2l magnum v-8
    X-1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500 5.2L Magnum V8
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We custom build each and every one of our transmissions for our customer's application using high quality components.  Our transmissions are all extensively modified to be highly competitive and very durable.  We strive to exceed your expectations with competitive, high quality remanufactured transmissions. Each transmission passes a series of rigorous tests before it ships to you.

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Call us at 727-868-9462

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