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AOD Stage 2 Ford Valve Body 1980-1992

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AOD Stage 2 Ford Valve Body 1980-1992
Part Number: VBAOD2

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Offers fairly smooth part throttle to firm wide open throttle shifts
Holds 1st, 2nd or 3rd to 5800-6000 (+-200) RPM
 Includes High RPM Governor Kit
 Eliminate downshift shudder

 No core charge

*Optional A+ K11 Super Servo - This Problem Solver deals with these problems:  helps to eliminate premature overdrive band failure, delivers better holding capacity, positive 4th gear shift, Superior's AOD Super Servo is perfect for heavy duty and high-performance applications. American Made, built from 6061-t6 billet aluminum. * 
11% more apply area than the stock "A" servo designed to increase holding capacity and boost performance.

Note: On these units detent/kickdown cable must be adjusted properly for normal wear and correct shift points. If not adjusted properly, unit will fail prematurely.