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AOD Tough One Conversion Package

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AOD "The Tough One" Non Lock Up Conversion Package
Part Number: TRAODTOUGH2ConvPack

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 AOD Non Lock Up Transmission 

The Tough One

No Core Charge
Red Alto Performance Clutch Set
Transgo HP Shift Kit
Superior Super A+ Servo
Kevlar Band
Reman Pump Assembly
Hardened Input Shaft
Wide Ratio Gear Set
Steel Stamped Drums
Complete Reprogrammed High Performance Valve Body / Firm Shifts
Complete Bushing Kit
Spiral Roller Clutch Snap Ring

 NOTE: You MUST use C6 Torque Converter with this unit! (See Options)

AOD Shaft Kit which allows you to run a C-6 Torque Converter in an AOD transmission. This is the Hardened Input Shaft . We are installing STAMPED STEEL DRUM for EXTRA DURABILITY and  EXTRA CLUTCHES INSTALLED FOR LONGEVITY AND HEAT DISSIPATION. 
No more lugging in 3rd and 4th gear! Also, no chugging when coasting! 
 More positive power on higher RPM acceleration. 
4 Speed Automatic Non Lock Up Unit with less power loss to rear wheels.

AOD Accessory Package


Lokar Kickdown Cable

Lokar Ford AOD Selector Shaft and Arm (*Recommended)

Lokar Throttle Bracket & Spring

Ford AOD Dipstick & Tube

Carburetor Correction Linkage (need to know which style!)

Torque Converter Nuts


Neutral Safety Switch


Spacer Plate

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