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AOD AODE 4R70W to Dana 20 Adapter Kit

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Ford AOD Adapter to the Bronco Dana 20
Part Number: TD50-2704

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Our Ford AOD adapter to the Bronco Dana 20 is 6.00 in length. The adapter material is 356 T-6 heat treated aluminum alloy, and the adapter has a provision to retain the original early Bronco mount. The adapter kit includes an adapter housing, new AOD output shaft, spud shaft, retainer, bearing, snap ring, gasket, seal, o-ring, fastening hardware and adapter instructions.
Transfer Case
The adapter assembly will fit any 1966-77 Bronco Dana 20 transfer case. T-style transfer case shifter linkage is required.
This adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with the second generation Ford AOD automatic transmission. This 4 speed, overdrive transmission was introduced during the 1980-91 model years. It is very important that the new main shaft furnished is compared to the original main shaft being replaced.
This automatic overdrive transmission has become very popular among Bronco owners. The gear ratio found in this transmission is great for trail and highway use. We manufacture adapters for both the early and late model AOD transmission. This transmission assembly is 1-1/2 longer than the stock V8 assembly. It requires relocation and modifications to your stock crossmember. The T handle transfer case shifter is the easiest linkage to use, having only minor modifications. The J pattern can be used - but with a little ingenuity. The adapter kit comes complete with an adapter housing, main shaft, spud shaft, bearings and seals.

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