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CVT RE0F10D Nissan Rogue FWD 2.5 2010-2015

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On sale $3,995.00 $2,495.00
Retail Price:$5,000.00
Your Savings:$2,505.00(50%)
CVT RE0F09B Nissan Altima / Maxima / Murano 3.5 Motor 2007-2014
Part Number: TD-807-GBC-2-2-2

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CVT RE0F10D Nissan Rogue FWD 2.5 2010-2015

TAG# 31020-3UX3B
Now Offering  CVT transmissions for small to mid-sized Nissan, Dodge, Jeep and Mitsubishi vehicles.

During the remanufacturing process, each transmission is completely disassembled and every component is cleaned, tested, and repaired or replaced if not to 100% OE specifications. All seals, gaskets, clutches, bushings, and filters are replaced. 

We offer a limited 2-year unlimited mileage warranty. 

All of our remanufactured CVTs meet or exceed OEM remanufactured standards.

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