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Stage 2 Ford E4OD Small Block

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Stage 2 Ford E4OD Small Block
Part Number: TRE4ODST2

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E4OD Transmission Stage 2 

 2 years/Unlimited mileage warranty

  Transgo shift-kit and Power Valve for a better shift. 
Extra Red Eagle clutches 
Updated center support 
Overdrive spiral snap ring 
Stay put filter clip 
45 element sprag. 
Carbon fiber band. 
Torque Converter Included:
 Heavy duty single clutch Billet. Good for towing, motor homes, snow plowing, 4WD, high performance and others.

Fits Ford Trucks 1989 - 1997

F150 - F350 & E150 - E250

4.9 6 Cylinder or 4.6, 5.0, 5.8

We custom build each and every one of our transmissions for our customer's application using high quality components.  Our transmissions are all extensively modified to be highly competitive and very durable.  We strive to exceed your expectations with competitive, high quality remanufactured transmissions. Each transmission passes a series of rigorous tests before it ships to you.

Technical Assistance Available Toll Free - 855-588-1543



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