700R-4 Overdrive Transmission

700r4 Transmission Specifications, Identification & Information

So what is exactly a 700r4 transmission? Well. The 700r4 Transmission came in the year of 1982. The 700r4 and the 200-R4 transmission replaced the TH350 transmission at that year. The TH350 was a 3 geared transmission without the last overdrive gear. The 700r4 was a big upgrade with an additional gear (Overdrive), the 1st and 2nd gear became longer, and the transmission case itself became a bit longer.

You usually do find the 700r4 transmission in GM cars like Chevy Blazer, Suburban, Camaro, Corvette, Impala and even in Oldsmobile Cars with a lot more. To mention all cars this transmission was fitted in; the list would be very long.

A lot of people like the 700r4 because of the excellent durability. It is also effortless to find replacement parts for this transmission. The 700r4 transmission was not electronically controlled yet; it was hydraulic pressure controlled with a TV cable which acted as a throttle position sensor to control the gear shifting. In 1991~ the 700r4 transmission was replaced by the popular transmission 4L60.

700r4 Transmission Specifications Chart

Name 7004r
Type 4 Speed Automatic
Applications GM Cars - GMC, Chevy/Chevrolet, Buick 1982-1990

Blazer, Suburban, Camaro, Corvette, Impala, Oldsmobile 350 and more
Gears 3 + 1 Overdrive 30%
Weight 170 lbs dry~
Lenght 23.5"
Gear Ratios 1: 3.059
2: 1.625
3: 1.00
4: 0.696
R: 2.294
Case Material Aluminum
Input Spline -1984 27 splines

1984- 30 splines
Fluid Capacity 11 Quarts
Fluid Type


Max Torque 350nm +/-

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