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Torque Converter Nuts Ford (4)

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Your Price: $6.95
Set of 4 OEM Genuine Torque Converter Nuts Ford
Part Number: TCNUTF

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 Industry Part ID: 26761, FX-10-7
Dimensions: 3/8"-24 x 0.34"
Style: Top Locking Flange Type
Fits the following Ford Torque Converters that have 4 or 6 studs (Require 4 or 6 nuts): Ford E4OD Ford C-5 Ford A4LD, 4R55E Ford A4LD, 4R55E, Late Ford A4LD Multi-Clutch 4.0 Ford AOD (FIOD) Ford AOD-E, 4R70W Ford C-4, 10-1/4", 2 Speed Ford 4R100 4 Speed, RWD / 4?4 Ford 5R110W Ford C-4, C-6, 12" & C-4 11-1/4", 2 Speed C3, C4, C5, C6 FMX Cruiseomatic
Made from heavy duty, heat treated alloy steel and zinc coated to resist corrosion. 

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