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AOD Torque Converter 1800-2200 Stall

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AOD Torque Converter 1800-2200 Stall
Part Number: TCAODFM55B
Custom Built for all Transmissions
Factory OEM Specs and Performance

1900-2300 Stall AOD Torque Converter: 1.375" Pilot

Brand: Ford
Model: AOD-2300LU
Stall: 2300 - 2500
Size: 12"
Bolt Pattern 11 1/2"
Engine: ALL WITH 1.375" PILOT
Brazed Impeller YES
Brazed Turbine: YES
Bearings: 2
Washers: 1
Diode Stator: NO
Balloon Plates: NO
Notes: Unit contains a STEEL DAMPER for Over-drive.

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